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I'm a sucker for a neutral hue mani! Those who know me well can safely bet when they see me I will be wearing a shade along the lines of Call Me Caramello, Morning Dew, Champagne Supernova, Stairway to Heaven or well, you get the gist.

But then, on the rare occasion when I'm feeling crazy and and up for a change, I opt for a bright flash of colour. I'm talking Better Together, Turning Violet, Blink One Eighty Blue or Tangerine Tango. 

It's amazing the difference the colour of my gel polish makes me feel. When I'm sporting a classy shade of pale pink I feel like a lady. I well primed princess ready to be rational, lovely at all times and dress accordingly.

But when my bright mani takes the stage I feel confident, brave, daring and bold. I'm ready to make decisions, change it up and hey, whatever will be will be! 

If you're a little like me and tend to play safe, I dare you to go out of your comfort zone and grab a bright shade that you normally save for your toes. You'll be amazed at how much you not only love it, but how different it makes you feel!

Same for those of you who normally wear the bright colours! Why not try toning it back a little with one of our minimalist shades and see what happens? 

No matter how you like your manicures, there is no arguing that a well done manicure no matter what the shade brings out a more confident version of you. Whether you're at work in the boardroom, playing at the beach, or on a hot date, a dazzling manicure says 'I'm ready for whatever comes my way'! And hey, if you change the colour up a little, maybe you will find a different version of you, one you weren't expecting to meet!

I'd love to hear from you if you feel the same way when you change up your gel polish colours!


toffey girls xx

P.S As you have probably seen on our Instagram, recently I did the switch from sweet and demure Call me Caramello to our 'say no more' Better Together shade! As different as they both are, I can surprisingly say I love them both equally! 


Tags: styling

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