how to get healthy nails with gel polish

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how to get healthy nails with gel polish

nails applied with gel polish look wonderful. their popularity, though, isn't just because they can turn ordinary-looking nails chic. gel nails have become all the rage since they flooded the market because they dry quicker and they last a great deal longer. but while there are definite advantages to having gel nails, there seems to be some concern over its effect on nail health.

we've also created a short 2 minute video on this subject. check it out:


since gel nail polish lasts longer, there may be issues with the polish possibly masking some type of problem with nails. there is also concern that gel polish may cause your nails to become brittle or thin, thus, making it prone to cracking. lets address these concerns. gel polish can help maintain the health of your nails, but it has to be applied the right way. use the following tips to ensure your nails remain as healthy as can be:

  • clean underneath your nails. it is one of the dirtiest areas of your body. use a nail brush, orange stick or an unused toothbrush to do this.
  • push back your cuticles with a soft rounded object (like the end of an orange stick). just make sure this is done gently and with care so you do not damage your cuticles.
  • moisturise your nails regularly. this will keep your nails hydrated. toffey recommends you do this at least twice a day.
  • remove your polish correctly. this has been bolded for good reason; poor removal is the number 1 reason for poor nail health. gel polish should come off easily. you should not have to pry it off of your nails.the wrong gel polish removal could cause your nails to peel. white spots may also appear and this could mean that there is damage to your natural nails. what you need to do to remove your gel nail polish correctly is to soak them in acetone and follow the correct process. toffey has made a video on this process here.
  • lastly, prior to applying your next gel polish manicure, you should clear your nails of any remaining polish and oil. this is so that when you apply your next gel polish, it will go on smoothly and will prevent premature peeling.

following these tips will go a long way to giving you beautiful nails that last upwards of 14 days. this is perfect, as it gives your nails time to grow without you picking and biting at them.

bonus tip: Do you have any left over citrus fruits (oranges, limes, lemons) at home? for an extra healthy toffey shine, cut the fruit and rub your nails twice a week. How to Keep Your Nails Healthy With Gel Polish


over to you toffey tribe: do you have any tips for healthier nails? if so, toffey would love to hear them. Head over to our Facebook page or send us an email at

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