How to remove your gel polish using gel off

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how to remove your gel polish using gel off

how to remove with gel off

do you struggle to remove your gel polish? i do. it can be so annoying! previously i used the acetone soaked method to remove my gel polish. it was....ok. if you want to keep using this method, you can view a previous video on this method: how to remove using acetone. now for those of us who would like an alternate approach. queue gel off.


gone are the days of waiting 15 minutes for your gel polish to be removed, with your fingers soaking in acetone with cotton balls and aluminium foil! gel off is a gel formula that stays on your nail and activates immediately to take your gel nail polish off. we currently have a small amount of gel off in stock. if we find that you love it, we will continue to offer it to you.

how to use

step 1 - buff your nails

step 2 - apply a small amount of gel off to cover each of your nails. the instructions on the bottle say to let it activate for approximately 45 seconds. i've found that for me 45 seconds is not enough. to be honest, i waited for about 2 minutes. orange stick or other similar removal tool.

step 3 - use an orange stick or other removal tool to gently remove the gel polish off your nails. it should come off relatively easy. if it doesn't, apply some more gel off to the resistant area, wait a minute or so and try again.

that's about it.

we've had mixed feedback on gel off so far, so join the conversation and let me know what you think by emailing us

stay classy,

tahlia (co-founder of toffey)  


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