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glitter gel polish is awesome. i love it. unfortunately, we haven't got any to offer you here at toffey. for now.

so how can you get the wonderful glitter look? it is really, really easy. the picture below is what the end result looks like. you can, of course use the glitter on as many nails as you want. i just really like the look of the one accent nail. oh and if you want to watch the short video (thanks to the editor who intentionally left a blooper in there!) just scroll to the end of the post.

glitter gel polish sparkle

what you will need

  • led lamp
  • 2 gel polish colours (I've used betty davis eyes and stairway to heaven)
  • top coat
  • regular glitter nail polish. you can pick this up from most big shops.

what to do

1) apply your gel polish manicure as per usual. need help? watch here:

2) apply glitter to your desired nail. apply as much or as little as you would like.

3) practice patience and wait for glitter nail polish to dry. usually about 5-10 minutes.

4) apply top coat

5) cure in led lamp for 90 seconds

6) be amazed at your wonderful glitter nails.

if you've followed this, please share your results with us. facebook, email, instagram, pinterest. even if it didn't turn out so great, let us know so we can make even better videos in the future.

chat soon,

toffey girls xx

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