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one of my favourite things in the world to do is to go to my local cafe on a saturday morning. the fresh feeling of a new weekend, the amazing company of friends and family, the smell of coffee. is there anything better?

that experience, that feeling, inspired this week's toffey talk gel polish nail art tutorial.

latte art (featuring saturday morning piccolo)

Toffey Latte-Nail-Art

let's jump straight in.

what you will need:

what you will need latte art

what you need to do

step 1 you’ll need something to draw your latte art on to. so to stay in the inspiration of coffee, i have used saturday morning piccolo as the base gel polish colour. don’t know how to apply gel polish? our most watched video on how to apply your gel polish manicure will have you sorted.

step 2 apply a small amount of stairway to heaven gel polish to your nail brush or orange stick and draw your latte art inspired design on to your nail. you can get as fancy as you want here. i opted for a simple design with a few coffee cup swirls and the famous latte leaf. i've also only applied the latte art design to one nail on each hand. you can do as many as you want.

draw latte art

step 3 cure the nail you have applied the latte art to in the led lamp for 60 seconds.

step 4 apply a thin layer of top coat to the latte art nail.

step 5 cure the latte art nail in the led lamp for 90 seconds.

that's it. how easy.

got an idea for a gel polish nail art tutorial you want us to cover? write to us at and let us know. 

chat soon,

toffey girls xx

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