DIY Gel Nail Polish - breaking through the myths!!

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Intimidated by the thought of DIY Gel Nail Polish?? Think its all too hard and time consuming?? 
Think again!!  Doing your own gel polish manicures at home is becoming more popular and here’s why!!!!
Not Neat Enough
Come on!  You have been painting your nails for years with regular nail polish. Gel is no different - in fact we think it is easier. The number one reason why most people opt to visit the nail salon is simply because they feel they are not neat enough.  Well applying gel nail polish is no different but looks great and lasts far longer than the usual stuff!  Ok you may have to lay out a little more for that DIY starter kit but once purchased think of those savings you will be pocketing each month!! 
Takes Too Long
We disagree!! Mmmmm….. a trip to the salon every few weeks at $45 a pop versus sipping a glass of your favourite drink, watching your favourite programme whilst applying your gel nail polish - no competition - we know which we prefer!! Our lamps take both hands or feet at the same time allowing you to create beautiful nails in less than 20 minutes and saving you $$ 
Confused About Lamps And Curing Times
Easy - just follow the instructions on the lamp.  Every lamp is different and has different suggested curing times, so follow Toffey’s instructions closely when using our lamp.  With Toffey’s lamp its just a press of a button or two and the timer does the rest.  No need to work out how long you have left to cure - our lamp automatically turns off once that curing time has ended.  
Too Hard To Remove
Think taking gel nail polish off can only be done by the professionals or seems too hard to remove compared to regular nail polish?  Another myth bites the dust!  Gel nail polish can be removed using pure acetone but we also find that it comes off very easily if we simply wait a few weeks until its coming to the end of its life, hop in the shower and peel off the gel nail polish whilst still soft from the warm water.  Works a treat, comes off within seconds and as long as you apply some baby oil or nail cream afterwards your nails are back to new!   
Sooo??? Ready to purchase your first starter kit?? What are you waiting for?? Just think…... gorgeous nails done in your own time, your way!  
As with any journey, the first thing to do is start and you will learn lots on the way. As always, if you have any questions or hot tips of your own email us at or via our Facebook page  otherwise happy ordering!
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