Frequently Asked Questions

let's start with the basics, what is gel polish?

gel polish is called many other names - no chip polish, uv gel, led gel, shellac, soak off gel. we like to refer to toffey as gel polish. toffey loves simple answers, so here’s the gist. all of the above names apply. the common misconception is that shellac is different to gel polish. shellac simply originated from a gel polish brand who named the revolutionary polish 'shellac'. gel polish and shellac often are compared but in reality they are the same thing. toffey's favourite feature of gel polish over regular nail polish is that it lasts much longer. your manicure will last up to two weeks without chipping. this means you save that one commodity that is so precious to us all: time. toffey’s gel polish is delivered to you in what you would call a normal nail polish bottle with a brush attached to the lid. applied just like normal nail polish. gel polish requires either a uv lamp or led lamp to cure or set on your nails


what size are the gel polish bottles?

7.5ml. unfortunately we made an error with the labelling so you will find that the current stock of gel polish' has 10ml written on the front. this is an error. phew, i'm glad that's out of the way. awkward!


is it unhealthy for my delicate nails?

gel polish should not have a negative impact on your nail health when done correctly. in fact, it should improve your nail health. especially if you are a biter or picker. having gel polish on your nails for up to two weeks gives your nail a chance to grow.


what do you need to use your polish? lamps, wipes, tools?...tell me!!

depends on how fancy you are. what you need: base coat top coat at least one colour gel polish led lamp or uv lamp alcohol wipe optional items: nail file additional colour gel polish nail art tools orange sticks acetone aluminium foil


i’m a newby to gel polish, can you tell me what to do….please?

toffey isn’t just going to leave you out in the dark. as toffey grows she is going to offer you more content in more ways. if it is your first time using gel polish (even if it's not), toffey says to watch the following short how to video's to get your gel polish manicure adventure started: how to apply your toffey manicure how to remove your toffey manicure


i’ve had it on for a week and now i want to change, how do i get it off?

need some new instagram photos huh? she understands. check out toffey's how to video on the blog: how to remove your toffey manicure then you are ready for your next mani.


hmm i felt a tingle when I used the top coat under the lamp

don't fear, this is normal for us sensitive ladies. if this does happen to you it is ok. what this is call is an exothermic reaction. sounds scary, but it just occurs as the gel is curing under the lamp. the molicules are running around so fast they make you feel warmth or even heat.  it can also occur if your gel polish is accidentally applied too thick or when your nails are thin or damaged.  what you can do to ease the sensation is 'walk your nails'  into the lamp slowly which allows your nails to slowly get used to led light.


where should i go on my next holiday?

she recommends paris or….hang on, lets stay on topic please.



i am buying a gift for someone, can you make sure the invoice isn’t attached?

of course. by default, toffey will send the invoice to the email you provide when the purchase was made. no invoice will be attached to any packages. also, toffey spends a lot of time ensuring the package you receive is beautifully presented. this means you can stop stressing about gift wrapping. scroll through toffey’s instagram and you’ll see what i mean. if you're stuck on what to buy, you can always get them a toffey gift voucher.


can you use top coat and base coat interchangeably?

toffey gets this question all the time. i suppose people want to save money where they can, understandable. unfortunately for all the frugal types, you must use the gels as they are named. base coat goes on first (as the base).. top coat goes on last (on the top). they have different properties and are designed to work differently. if you really want, try doing your nails with top coat on the bottom - you won’t make the mistake twice.


can you use a top coat and base coat from a different brand with your toffey's gel colours?

to be honest it really depends and is best discovered by experimenting. we always recommend using the formulated toffey top and base coats with the toffey gel polish colours, as they are tried, tested and toffey knows they work. what you could do is purchase a toffey gel polish colour and test with your current brand of top and base coat, and if it doesn't work as well as you'd like, you come back and stock up on a toffey top and base coat. but be sure to let us know how you go.


does your led lamp come with a warranty?

sure does. warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase. for more information about toffey’s returns and warranty, click here.

i received a coupon, how on earth do i use it?

go to your cart and you will see a box where you can enter your coupon code. enter it here and click the apply coupon button. sometimes the order total won’t be updated until you proceed to checkout. if you think there is a problem with the code, let us know by emailing hello@toffey.com.au or message us on facebook. we will get back to you asap.


i already have a uv lamp, can i still use toffey gel polish

you sure can, toffey gel polish cures in both led and uv lamps. the only thing you will have to be careful of is curing times, as uv lamps are not as quick as led lamps.


I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

ummm, well...she doesn’t have one. yet. very sorry. she is all over our emails though, write to us - hello@toffey.com.au. she also spends way too much time on facebook, so feel free to connect with her there.


toffey, what’s your favourite colour?

great question. for toffey, morning dew. seriously, try it and tell her you don’t love it.


why am i looking for shipping info in your faq section when there is a page for shipping?

she really does not know. find everything to do with shipping on the shipping page.



ahhh, i entered my details wrong when buying something?

oopsie daisy! never mind, just write her an email - hello@toffey.com.au. or if you’re more of a fb kind of lady you can catch her there.



what’s the difference between led and uv and are they safe?
toffey only sells led lamps. for good reason. read more on this here.

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