french manicure: how to with toffey gel polish

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in this weeks toffey talk, we show you how to get one of the easiest and most wonderful nail techniques: the french manicure. it's chic and fabulous.

for many women, the french gel polish manicure is one of the best things to happen to the beauty industry. while using gel polish works for just about any occasion or any outfit, the french manicure is your perfect everyday sidekick. nothing is more reliable than the french manicure, from interviews to first dates, you will hit the right tone with this subtle beauty.

but who says you have to pay someone to do it for you? after all, putting on gel polish can be very meditative, provided you’ve got a proper setting: quiet, bright room, your favourite music in the background, and a glass of merlot. so enough with the chit chat, here's how you do it.

for this technique you will need:

  • LED lamp
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • stairway to heaven gel polish
  • orange stick
  • alcohol wipes

as always, check out the accompanying video to see exactly how this technique is done.


1) apply a thin layer of toffey base coat, try not to get too close to your skin as the led lamp will spread the polish for you.

2) cure for 30 seconds using toffey's led lamp

3) apply the 1st coat of stairway to heaven to the tip of your nails, covering about 2-4mm depending on your preference. remember not too close to your skin.

4) cure for 60 seconds

5) apply the 2nd coat of stairway to heaven to the same spot

6) cure for 60 seconds

7) apply a thin coat of toffey top coat

8) cure for 90 seconds

9) your curing is complete. add some toffey shine by wiping gently over each nail. wash your hands in cold water.

your toffey french manicure is complete for you to show all of your girlfriends. if you have any technique requests or any gel polish related questions, please let us know by emailing us at or find us on facebook.

chat soon,

toffey girls xx

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