how to match your gel polish to your accessories.

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gel polish brings together your style, from head to toe (nail) and like any accessory it has to match. if you can make sure your gel colours match what you’re wearing, you will only have to worry about being ridiculously good looking.

so, how do you pair your accessories to your gel polish without looking like a rainbow unicorn as well as making sure you're not too matchy matchy?

We are going to explore the world of the wonderful colour wheel and see what rules to keep in mind when heading to the wardrobe and the jewelry box.

let’s start with the basics. complimentary colours. when two colours are opposite on the colour wheel, somebody deemed them to be ‘complimentary’. this means they will most likely be a ‘YES!’ when it comes to matching your nails with your accessories. this may mean some combinations can be a little…loud, but if you use your better judgement you will stay on the right track.


toffey complimentary colour wheel



say hello to analogous colours a more subtle approach to matching your accessories with your gel polish is by looking at the analogous colours on the colour wheel. sorry for the big word, but I don’t think there is another word for it.

simply put, these colours are the ones that sit directly next to each other in groups of three along the colour wheel. being in the same colour spectrum will see that they are always easy on the eye.

toffey analogous colour wheel


not to mention, split complimentary colours time to indulge ourselves on a lesson on split complementary colours. to find a split complementary colour match, you need to find a pair of complementary colours and then choose one of the two colours. then, with the colour you didn’t choose, pick the colours either side of it on the colour wheel. the three colours you are left with are the split complementary colours.


toffey split complimentary colour wheel


now that you have a little bit of Picasso insight, mix and match your accessories and gel polish until your hearts content.

go forth and polish! check out our example of complimentary colour matching. we have our Commando March gel polish matched with this beautiful ring from Argentopuro Jewels.

we have paired the two by using the complimentary colours on the colour wheel using the pink from the Argentopuro Jewels ring and the green from Commando March. we also introduced an accent nail by using the colour Better Left Unsaid which really pulled the look together.  

toffey gel polish manicure

show us your accessory and gel polish matching using the above three techniques over on our facebook page.

talk soon,

toffey girls xx

Tags: styling

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