5 tips to make your gel polish manicure last longer

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5 tips to longer lasting gel polish

with your newly arrived toffey starter kit, a coffee and the latest revenge episode downloaded (legally of course), you are ready to rock an roll.

you’ve just watched our beginner tutorial video on how to apply your gel polish manicure and you’re feeling confident. you apply your gel polish. it looks pretty good. you’re confident it’s going to last the 2 or even 3 weeks toffey promised it would. 3 days in, disaster. your gel polish starts to chip and fall off.

you now hate gel polish and vow to never use it again. after a month or so of seeing so much nail inspo on instagram and pinterest you decide to give gel polish one more shot. you’re back on the bandwagon! i hope this sounds familiar. if so, join the club. been there, done that.

so today, toffey is going to share with you 5 tips to help your gel polish manicure last longer. as always, check out the accompanying video:

5 tips to make your gel polish manicure last longer  

  1. Blonde Shampoo. gel polish + blonde shampoo = no no.  if you’re a blonde, you need to avoid getting any blonde shampoo on your gel nails. if you are going to use blonde shampoo, try to keep it in the palm of your hands. if you do get it on your nails, rinse it off as quick as you can.
  2. Seal the tip of your nail. this is a very important step. sealing the tip of your nails will help to avoid any oils going underneath your nails which can lead to premature peeling. go to the 1:45 minute mark on our video how to apply your gel polish manicure if you want to see how this is done.
  3. Wear gloves when cleaning. similar to the blonde shampoo, the chemicals in most cleaning and washing up products may cause your nails to peel prematurely. simply wear some gloves to help your gel polish to last longer.even better, get someone else to do the cleaning!
  4. Use baby oil to remove makeup. when you’re doing your makeup you may get foundation around your cuticles and on your nails. to ensure the foundation is removed in it’s entirety, use baby oil.
  5. Don’t use too much or go too close. when applying your gel polish manicure make sure you don’t use too much gel polish or that you don’t apply it too close to your skin. gel polish will spread slightly when curing it in the LED lamp. so if you use too much, it may go on to your skin. if you get your gel polish on your skin this will leave room for oils to go under the polish which will almost certainly lead to premature peeling.

if you have any questions regarding gel nails that you want answered, please send us an email at hello@toffey.com.au or find us on facebook. 

chat soon,

toffey girls xx

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