I'm confused, is that gel polish or regular nail polish?

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you’ve done your research and come to the conclusion that gel polish is wonderful.

you then proceed to look online for some different gel nail polish products to try out. you put some search terms in to google and instead of walking away feeling enlightened with gel polish knowledge, you end up more confused then ever.

toffey has also created a short (less than 2 minutes) video to help you identify real gel nail polish. check it out below.

gel polish has soared in popularity in the past few months and we have seen many brands polish (nice pun) their marketing strategies to ride the gel polish train. some brands are now advertising the main features of gel polish on their regular nail polish products. sneaky right? so how do you know if you are buying gel polish and not regular nail polish?  

toffey has some simple tips that will help you identify exactly you are buying.

  1. gel polish will always be in an opaque (can’t see through it) bottle. the components of gel polish require it to be kept from light exposure to ensure it doesn’t set. this means that if you are contemplating any ‘gel polish’ with a bottle that is see-through in any way you know you are buying just regular nail polish.
  2. check the consistency of the polish. typically, gel polish is much thicker than regular nail polish and you will be able to see the difference when you open the lid.
  3. check the taste of….KIDDING. seriously, don’t do this.
  4. check all labeling or product advertisements for any mention of ‘uv lamps’ or ‘led lamps’. if the polish you are buying does not insist the usage of any sort of lamp you will know that you are not buying gel polish.

if you follow the steps above (except number 3), you should be fine. if you have seen any other crazy examples of brands pretending to sell gel nail polish, let toffey know over on facebook.

chat soon,

toffey  girls xx


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