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when applied correctly, gel polish can last anywhere between 2-3 weeks. you know this.

recently, however, i was wearing the wonderful commando march and better left unsaid, and after a week and a half i had 2 chips appear. at the very end of the nail. annoying.

i didn't have a lot of down time to be applying gel polish, so instead of removing the gel manicure and then having to do a whole other set, i figured i could just touch it up. so that's what i did. it honestly took no more than 5 minutes.

chips be gone (not hot chips, i love hot chips).

to apply your quick chip fix (say that 5 times quickly), follow the steps below. i've also created a short video of this process here:



1) apply the identical colour gel nail polish to your chipped nail, making sure to cover the whole nail and not just the chipped section. this will ensure even coverage.

2) cure in your LED lamp for 60 seconds.

3) does your gel polish have even coverage? if yes, go to next step. if no, apply another coat and cure in the lamp again.

4) apply a thin layer of top coat to the no-longer-chipped nail

5) cure in your LED lamp for 90 seconds.

6) wipe over with an alcohol wipe pretty simple huh. thanks for reading and or watching. check out these before and after shots below:



stay classy,

toffey girls xx

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