how to remove your toffey gel manicure

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how to remove your gel polish manicure

women are in love with the longevity of gel polish. weeks pass and your nails still look wonderful.

how to remove gel nail polish


although us ladies love our gel, many of us find it at times to be tricky to remove and often claim the removal process is to blame for ruining their nails. this is generally only the case when the removal process has not been done correctly.

to ensure strong, healthy nails follow toffey’s simple guide below on how to remove your gel polish manicure.

we've also created a short video showing you the process. check it out.

to remove your toffey gel nail polish manicure you will need:
  • aluminium foil
  • cotton balls
  • nail file
  • orange cuticle stick
  • alcohol wipe
  • pure acetone (which is different to nail polish remover)

step 1 use a nail file to gently remove the protective top coat.

step 2 dip the cotton ball in a small amount of acetone and place the cotton ball on your nail. wrap your nail and a cotton ball in aluminium foil.

step 3 wait anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes before removing both the foil and cotton balls. this part of the method alone does not completely remove the gel polish from your nail.

step 4 lift the gel polish off with an orange cuticle stick. just be mindful that you need to be gentle to ensure you don’t damage your nails. if your gel polish is being stubborn, you may need to redo the steps above.

step 5 to clean up any residue, wipe over your nails with an alcohol wipe or some acetone.

to ensure you put enough time aside before beginning to remove your toffey manicure, dedicate at least half an hour to remove the nail polish off your fingers. when you remove your gel polish manicure you can expect cuticle and skin dryness due to the exposure of acetone. moisturise your nails and fingers afterwards with cuticle oil and/or hand and nail cream to make sure your hands stay soft.

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