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hi lovely ladies,

i’ve got a treat for you today!

have you ever wanted to apply a very specific shade of gel polish that toffey doesn't have?

i have.

specifically, i wanted to apply a grey to match the colder months autumn has brought with it.

but toffey doesn’t offer the grey i wanted.

i was complaining to a friend who said ‘why don’t you just make your own colour?’

so i did!

i can’t believe i hadn’t thought of this before.

what a great idea.

so much so, i thought i’d show you how to do it.

i also create a coral and a nude.

here’s how.

if you prefer to learn via video - scroll to the bottom of the page.

what you will need:

  • at least 2 gel polish colours (to mix together)
  • nail brush (to apply your colour)
  • acetone or alcohol wipes (for cleaning your nail brush)
  • orange sticks (to mix the colours together)
  • something to mix the colours on (aluminium foil or plastic container)

first colour up - grey nomad

for this colour you are going to need a white (i’ve used pearl jam) and a black (i’ve used blackest betty).

the process is fairly simple.

  1. pour a small amount of both pearl jam and blackest betty on to your chosen surface
  2. make sure your pearl jam brush doesn’t touch the blackest betty gel polish (and vice versa)
  3. mix together with orange stick
  4. add more pearl jam if you want it lighter
  5. add more blackest betty if you want it darker
  6. you’ll need enough polish for 2-3 coats of 10 fingers (+ 10 toes if you want). i found the size of a 20 cent piece is enough.
  7. use your nail brush to apply your new gel polish colour. just follow the usual process to do this. 

pretty easy hey!


this colour is beautiful!

to make this gel polish colour i have used:


to make this gel polish colour i have used:

how wonderful!

you’re turn!

Step 1 - create your own gel polish colour

Step 2 - give it a name

Step 3 - post your new gel polish colour (it doesn’t have to be applied to your nails, just show your colour mixed together) to instagram:

  • a) using the hash tag #toffeychallenge
  • b) share with us the name of your very own gel polish colour

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

stay classy,
toffey girls xx

Tags: styling

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