6 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn't Want You To Know

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who says no to a great-looking manicure?

not the career women who need to always look put-together, even down to the smallest detail. not the stay-at-home mums who deserve some “me” time after all the work they do each day. not your teenage niece, your BFFs or your grandma.

with the wide variety of nail care products out there, there is now literally a nail polish colour (or art) for every individual. thanks to nail care technology, there are now various innovative solutions for anyone who believes that having well-maintained, freshly painted fingernails is an essential component of good grooming, proper hygiene and personal style.

toffey has created a short video that takes you through the 6 reasons. watch it below:


while getting a manicure is wonderful, it’s not always practical or possible to get one. the mere task of going to a nail salon can become a grand production with our extremely busy lifestyles. also, paying over and over again for something that lasts for a few days isn’t a good idea when you’re trying to save money. it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to do an at-home gel polish manicure.

using gel nail polish, the process becomes fast and fun, and the results are wonderful. with the right products and some handy DIY techniques, you’ll agree that doing your nails in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you prefer) is one of the most important health and beauty strategies of all time. yep, of all time. still not convinced? consider the following reasons:

1. saves you money. doing your own nails is much more affordable than going to a salon. spend that extra money on the orange mocha frappuccino you know you’re going to get on the way home.

2. saves you time. driving or commuting to the salon, sitting in the waiting room and travelling back home can take hours. but a DIY manicure using fast-drying toffey gel nail polish: 30 minutes tops.

3. you can choose your own brands. salon’s typically stock one type of gel polish. as you well know, there are so many different brands in the gel polish universe. you’re in control, make your own choice.

4. you’re ready for “emergencies”. so what if you found out tonight that a job interview/business event/party/date or any other special occasion is set tomorrow? you don’t need to scramble for an appointment with the salon. you can do your nails ASAP and be ready for anything last minute.

5. your nails receive round-the-clock care. going DIY means you can groom your nails, exfoliate your hands, moisturise your cuticles, and do other nail care tasks more religiously. It means smoother skin, healthier nails and prettier hands all year long!

6. it’s easier than ever. there is so much wonderful advice on gel nails. just look on google or youtube and you will be amazed.


  6 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn't Want You To Know

these are just some of the reason’s that come to toffey’s mind when doing your own nails at home.

toffey hopes you’ve enjoyed this weeks toffey talk blog. as always, if you have any questions or suggestions for future topics you can let toffey know through her facebook page or by emailing her directly at hello@toffey.com.au

chat soon,

toffey girls xx

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