How To Do Your Own Gel Polish Manicure For Your Wedding Day

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They’re chic and fabulous. They can last as long as two weeks. And perhaps the most exciting thing about it, they won't chip. For many women, gel nail polish is one of the best things to happen to beauty care and it avoids the need to have artificial acrylic nails on your big day and honeymoon!

While getting your nails done with gel polish works for just about any occasion and even any outfit, nowhere is this innovative product more appropriate to use than on your wedding day. Nothing creates the best wedding nails quite like gel polish.

But who says you have to pay someone to do it for you? After all, putting on nail polish could be very meditative, provided you’ve got a proper setting: quiet, bright room, your favourite music in the background, and a glass of Merlot.

To start with, you need to trim your nails according to your desired length and shape. Then you need to choose your gel polish carefully and pick the colour that suits you, or your wedding gown.

You can then get a toffey gel nail polish kit, which should come with everything you’ll need to apply it, like the base coat and the top coat. It will also come with the LED lamp and two fabulous gel polish colours.

Make sure you have everything you need before you start applying the gel polish. You need to prep your nails (they have to be free of oil), before the gel polish is applied so that it goes on smoothly and it bonds for long lasting wear.

Then apply two thin coats. You don’t want to apply thick coats because then it could peel prematurely. As you’re applying, try to avoid getting any gel on the cuticle bed. Then cure it.

A DIY wedding manicure is easy with gel nail polish. You can keep the activity solo and meditative, or fun and memorable with your bridesmaids the night before your ceremony. You can opt for some of neutral shades like call me caramello, better left unsaid or apply a french manicure with stairway to heaven. You can even be a bit daring with your ‘something blue’ (maybe a good idea for your toes) and opt for blinky one eighty blue or aqua. So get your gel nail polish kit today, and get those nails looking gorgeous for your wedding day.

 toffey xx


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