Hot Water & Your Gel Polish Manicure

Posted by Toffey Girls on

As tempting as it is in the cooler months, staying in the hot shower longer than necessary can cause your gel polish to lift earlier than it should. Same goes for spending too much time washing dishes.

If your gel polish is lifting or peeling you may need to consider hot water and steam as a likely culprit. Which is probably why you find taking your gel polish off in the shower easier than when you’re out.

Why? The heat softens the gel polish making it prone to lifting up. This combined with the active agents in either your shampoo, shower gel or dish washing detergent (while you’re washing up) means your gel polish won’t last the distance.

You have two options to avoid this drama:

  1. Spend less time in the shower (which is hard in winter I know) or at least lower the temperature.
  2. When it comes to washing up, you should wear gloves or as I prefer, get someone else to do them.

We are trying to keep our tips short and sweet, but do let me know if you have any further questions about Hot Water and your manicures.

Stay Classy,

toffey xx

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