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1. Keep Hands and Nails Hydrated
This is the easiest way to ensure healthier hands, fingers and nails! Firstly moisture your hands and nails (including cuticles) with your favourite hand moisturiser before bed. This gives your hands time to absorb the moisturiser ready for the morning.  Secondly, drink water and lots of it. This will do wonders for the overall health of your body whilst benefitting your fingernails and cuticles.
2. Keep Your Fingernails Clean & Dry
Try not to overdo hand washing or washing up dishes and limit contact with chemical cleaners.  Who wants to do that anyway! Constant wetting & drying dehydrates the your nail bed, which can cause nails to become brittle, dry, cracked or even start to peel. Yuk! Wear gloves when washing dishes or even better get someone else to do it!!
3. Your Nails Are Like Jewels, Don’t Use Your Nails As Tools!
Nails are handy for a number of reasons but almost all of us are guilty of abusing our nails. Avoid using your nails to open a box or a jar, scratch and pry off a sticker or to open a can of soft drink.  It’s a much better idea to use a real tool instead, otherwise you’re asking for trouble.
4. Filing 
Never use your nail file like a saw! File in a unidirectional manner instead of going back and forth to help prevent chips.  Nails break easily when wet so only file when your hands are dry.   
5. Keep Your Nails Polished
Nail polish actually gives your nails support, protecting them by making them harder.  This means less vulnerable to damage and less likely to break.  Remove your nail polish every ten days and let your nails breathe for at least 24 hours before you reapplying.  Apply baby oil after removing the gel polish.  Remember to always use base coat, colored polish and finish with a top coat.  Not a fan of color? Try clear gel polish.

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