Thinking of doing your own Gel Nails at home

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Thinking of doing your own Gel Nails at home

This blog is a brief outline of the time and the equipment needed. Are you finding it hard to find time to get to your nails done at the salon, is it becoming expensive, then now is the time to start doing it yourself with Toffey.

You have probably been going to the salon for a while now or maybe you are a newbie. It doesn't matter it is easy to start doing your gel nails at home. After all we have all used normal nail polish in the past, gel nail polish is not that much different to apply, you just need some extra equipment.

 The time required to have a gel manicure at home is no different to a manicure with normal nail polish, except at the end the Gel nail polish dries instantly and lasts for up to 2 weeks, chip free.

For Gel Nails you will need the following:

1. nail files

2. cuticle sticks

3. cuticle pusher

4. cuticle Oil

5. sunscreen

6. gel nail polish, base and top coat

7. LED Lamp

8. Alcohol wipes - used for removing the sticky residue after curing 

If you are still uneasy about trying gel nails at home, check out our video tutorials.

stay classy

Toffey girls xx


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