how to remove gel nail polish without acetone

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do you struggle to remove your gel polish??  we do - it can be so annoying!

previously we have used the acetone soak method to remove our gel polish -  it was....ok.

if you want to keep using this removal method, view toffey’s video to show you how here: how to remove using acetone

for those of you who would like an alternate approach why don’t you try this next time!!

Journey of Ruby Tuesday - check out below how this great colour can look over 17 days ...and how good it still looks having been removed WITHOUT ACETONE!!

want to give it a go?!

gone are the days of waiting 15 minutes with your fingers soaking in acetone wrapped in cotton balls and aluminium foil!

Take a different approach for Toffey Gel Nail Polish

step 1 - grab your orange stick and gently raise the gel nail polish at the base of your nails, just a bit here and there so the gel nail polish is raised slightly from the nail - after 17 days the gel nail polish is abit pliable and this helps ease the orange stick under the gel nail polish

step 2 - jump in the shower, make the water nice and warm and the bathroom steamy, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, let the shampoo and conditioner and warmer water activate the gel nail polish for a few minutes

step 3 - turn off the shower, grab with your orange stick and gently slip the tip under the gel nail polish that you have already raised and slide the orange stick under the gel nail polish from side to side and then slide it down the nail until the nail polish comes off.  it should come off relatively easy.  if it doesn't, try some more warm water and wait a minute or so and try again.  of course you can always get out of the shower and remove the gel nail polish at the basin. 

step 4 - once the gel nail polish is removed, wash your hands and apply some hand and nail cream or cuticle oil.

step 4  - you are ready for your next Toffey Gel Polish manicure at home.

that's about it!! how easy is that?!

let us know what you think we would love to hear from you.   why don’t you share your own tips with other toffey girls on this blog?   join the conversation and post your response here

stay classy

Toffey Girls xx

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