led lamps


to apply toffey gel polish, you will need either an led lamp or a uv lamp. see our video blog here to find out why toffey only sells led lamps:

led lamps are slightly more expensive, however they will also last much longer than any uv lamp will. most uv lamps have a life of about 1000 hours, whereas an led lamp will have you covered for up to 50,000 hours. which means in the long run the led lamp is going to get you a lot more manicures for your dollar. here are some more points on led lamps:

  • more expensive, however prices are coming down (check out our LED lamp starter kits here)
  • 30-60 seconds curing time
  • use less energy than UV lamp
  • bulbs will last the life of the lamp

toffey starter kit ‘class’ includes:

The toffey class kit is the best option for getting your gel polish adventure started. You will be equipped with the essentials and ready to take on the entire toffey colour palette before you know it.

Why buy a starter kit?

First of all, it is all you need to get started.

Secondly, buying a starter kit will save you $23.80 (that’s almost 20% off) compared to buying the above items separately. Not to mention you get all the extra goodies.

*Please note that the gel polish is 8ml*


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