Gel Polish Base and Top coat

Non wipe top coat


8ml Non wipe top coat

The perfect finale to your hands, finish off your nails with toffey top coat which will give your nails a superior chip resistant shine and keep them neatly polished for days on end.

base coat


8ml Base coat

Prepare your nails with this superb base coat, giving you smooth, nourished nails ready to be dressed in your favourite toffey shade.

Matte top coat

8ml Matte top coat non wipe

High quality matte top coat, non wipe, feels silky smooth and keeps its clean matte finish the entire wear.

Foil Transfer Gel

8ml Foil Transfer Gel

To be used with foils.

How to use:

Apply you base and colour as normal, or just the base, curing each layer.

Apply foil transfer gel, cure 30/60 sec depending on lamp

Put foil onto the nail

Rub foil on with cuticle pusher, orange stick etc. You can use your finger but do not create too much heat as this can stop the foil from sticking.

Make sure you push from the inside out and get to the edges

Gently peel off and your foil will now be on your nail.

Complete with top coat.


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