how to apply your toffey manicure

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how to apply gel polish manicure

toffey gel polish is simple to apply and easy to wear with sass.

we have a couple of quick steps for you to follow so your toffey manicure turns heads. just in case you need some extra guidance we also have a little video for you as well.

we have put together some guidance on preparation before you get into the sticky stuff followed by the toffey gel polish application process of course. remember, gel polish may take a couple of practices before you perfect it so just be patient and you will have salon quality nails before you know it. and if you get stuck just let us know and we can help you some more.


toffey pre-prep

1. shape and file your nails to your desired shape and length

2. wash hands after you have finished shaping nails

3. after washing hands, lightly file the top of your nail surface with a fine nail file. this just helps the base coat adhere to your nail better.

important: if your nail surface has come into contact with anything (your face, hair etc) after step 3, wash hands/feet again to ensure nail surface is completely clean. this is essential as any oils on your nail prior to applying your base coat can affect the longevity of your manicure.

toffey application  

1. apply a thin layer of toffey base coat, try not to get too close to your skin as the led lamp will spread the polish for you.

2. cure for 30 seconds using toffey’s led lamp

3. apply 1st thin coat of your chosen toffey gel polish colour, remember not too close to your skin.

4. cure for 60 seconds

5. apply 2nd thin coat of your chosen toffey gel polish colour

6. cure for 60 seconds (please note- some light colours may require three coats for even and dark coverage)

7. apply a thin coat of toffey top coat

8. cure for 90 seconds

9. your curing is complete, now you must remove the sticky residue off the nail surface and add some toffey shine. use toffey alcohol wipes or acetone and gently wipe over each nail.

10. wash your hands in cold water.

11. your toffey manicure is complete for you to show all of your girlfriends and to post on instagram (@toffeygelpolish).

chat soon,

toffey x

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